Technical service for the entire range of audio on the market

JC VALVULAR is an electronic repair and manufacturing centre for electric guitar amplifiers and hi-fi integrated amplifiers.

En Jc Valvular somos profesionales especialistas cualificados para equipos de audio en Málaga.

We repair any make and model of sound device.

Each exceptional case deserves personalised attention.

What do we do in JC Valvular?

We are specialised in sound in general, all of our repairs revolve around sound. Thanks to our long professional career and our facilities equipped with the latest technology applied to the field of sound, we can solve any electronic anomaly.

How does our team of technicians work?

We have a high degree of specialisation in technical sound equipment, which allows us to develop repair actions whatever your situation. In addition, we have experience in valve equipment, analog and digital sound devices.

How can we help you with your sound equipment?

Our team specialised in technical services, will be able to attend to any type of electronic failure that occurs, since we work with a wide range of brands and we know numerous models in the sound sector, their characteristics and the most common errors they present.

Sound devices we work with.


Musical electronics

Guitar and Bass Amps, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Sound Effects, Emulators.

Professional sound

Mixing desks, PA (Public Address), Powered Speakers, Power Amplifiers.

Hi Fi

Integrated Amplifiers, Preamps, Turntables, CDs, Reel to Reel Tape Decks, High-end Sound.

Vintage equipament specialists

Official technical service

Why trust JC VALVULAR?

Our vocation is to work with sound and we put great interest in each case.
We are passionate about working with equipment of all kinds, analog, digital and artisanal, in order to give them a second life. We guarantee the close treatment and the proper functioning of the equipment after passing through our hands.
We are an official technical service centre and authorised by a large number of manufacturers.
We work nationwide, we take care of collecting and delivering the repaired audio device to your home with all the guarantees.



At Jc valvular we are specialists in repairs such as:

Adjustments, painting, customisation and restoration of string instruments.

We are manufacturers with our own brand of electric guitars and basses.

We adapt to both the professional and amateur musician, to meet their job expectations and demands.

All our guitar are hand made, creating special and unique instrumen

En Jc Valvular somos profesionales especialistas cualificados para equipos de audio en Málaga.